Saturday, February 8, 2014


YT never reveled in seeing her or his (he, he, he) name in print. She or  he always fought shy of Publicity and vice-versa. However some kindred souls started stalking the old blog, and our original name carl von bailiff, so dear to existing followers,  started appearing out of place to Missus, given the contents, often rooted in Indian Classical. Though of course the blog's alchemy had an echo in the valleys of Meghalaya, our home of choice.
So- we resumed, for a while, the name bestowed upon us by susaty- namely (ha, ha, ha ) sanjiv bokil. However it did not last, Devil howling Ho [1] ! Junior displayed studied hostility to the nomenclature, and Gopal maintained a tactful silence again...So-we again retreated into the shadows...the name b. sanjiv rao happens to be a ruse invented by Dad for use in railway reservations in good old days, as 'bokil' would be distorted to no end by our fellow Delhiites- we'd be 'bokle' once, 'govil ' another occasion, or 'bakaul' on the third...thus came about the 'b' in place of 'bokil'...

Normally Gopal, Senior, and Junior are consulted by us before we embark on a misadventure, but for once we overlooked this golden rule,  and Junior did not take kindly to the changes. An uneasy compromise emerged, and we've been allowed to retain sanjiv bokil for the Marathi blog, in exchange for restoring the status quo ante ante, i.e. reverting to the carl von bailiff sign-off for the original blog. Junior seems to appreciate the arrogance or cavalier-ness for the world, inherent in 'carl von bailiff'- it's a sort of ishtyle of the blog to him...
Some technicals need to be taken care of for separating the Siamese twins the blogs are, till then don't go away, we'll be back in a jiffy...
[1] Context, context:

Nature and nature's laws lay hidden in the night; God said "Let Newton be" and then there was light! 
It could not last long alas; Devil howling "Ho"! God said "Let Einstein be!", and restored the status quo.
(Alexander Pope, refined by Sir John Squire)

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