Sunday, November 10, 2013

Audience Poll

We join Missus at Kaun Banega Maha Crorepati this evening, that is the tenth evening of November 2013. The besttt life-line is Audience Poll she remarks, as the contestant in the hot seat acknowledges with fawning gratitude...Worst is Phone -a-friend, which is basically for boosting the TRPs of         Mr. Bachchan and KBC, see shays, sorry, she says... and so wisely.  Statistics Theory, we say. 

Once upon a time, Mom's right hand got caught tragically in a door, when, one summer, our home in Naraina, 110028 was subjected to the notorious Delhi sand-storm- aandhi as they call it...Her middle-finger got slashed, the broken end left hanging limply...We rushed her to Willingdon Hospital, now RML, where, to our utter surprise and consternation, a large number of समदुख्खी had congregated...She got the best treatment and we could reclaim her middle-finger to the extent of 90%....

Dad was a Statistician and Econometrician.  When the startling phenomenon of the mass digiticide was related to him, he jumped with joy, exclaiming that THAT was a vindication of the Poisson's Theory, and was akin to the frequency of mule-kicks and football goals..he, he, he. Just a joke I sayyyy...he was really concerned about the injury in the first place...shssshhh...Mom is a Follower of the blog...It's also conceivable that all voting-metre holders do not respond and those in doubt wisely, and good-naturedly refrain from voting, creating a bias towards the correct choice..

This Audience Poll vs. Wise-man is another facet of the same phenomenon, we tell Missus. The power of the hoi polloi- of supreme for the same reason, hundreds of participants... Wish the authorities at Junior's Alma mater NLSIU, Bangalore believed that, she says, alluding to a the post-script of a previous post of the Blog...See this excellent poster:

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