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आमची अस्मिता

We got an email last night, informing us that Indrayanikaathi was  noticed  by a leading Marathi daily a few days back. The sender of this mail apparently had tried to put together a few obvious IDs for us, @tted by a few common ISPs, and either applied for the ID, and/or wagairah, know...Of course we checked up the article in The Loksatta, and were floored by some accurate conjectures proffered by the writer, like the vintage of this mind, the motivations. This identity CVB: of course we'd feel acutely embarrassed to see our name in print. Then the blog is so eccentric and arcane, we dreaded the day friends and colleagues would find about it and exclaim " अरेच्च्या बोकील   डोक बिघडल वाटत, चांगला मनुष्य होता बिच्चारा ....". You'll find the fears articulated in , where we talked about the painter Louis Wain. Missus is always annoyed with the blog's  क्लिष्टपणा  and undecipherability. We were therefore pleasantly surprised to find on these  shores-someone who thought there was something about our humble blog!  मै  जिसे ओढ़ता बिछाता हूँ ! 

आमची अस्मिता

No big deal, YF is just a small sarkari babu, who writes occasionally.  Author lives with his mother and Missus at various places of the North East. Has two sons and one daughter-in-law, who live on the Subcontinent. Our ancestors from father's side hail from  Koregaon, Satara, which they left two centuries back.  
म्हणज्ये Marathi diaspora. Uncle Panditkaka's efforts to graft Sakharam Panta Bokil into our family tree miserably failed.  Mother hails from Katol near Nagpur and was née Sonak. We are two brothers, although we were three to begin with. Younger one has adopted Saudi Arabia as his home, at least for the foreseeable future, just the way YF considers the North East as his home. Brother's family shuttles between Pune and Bahrain. He's ‘आमचा  Theo’- you know -if you read Van Gogh's biography. Our Bokil generation was born and brought up in Delhi, Dad being a Professor of Econometric and Statistics at the ICAR.

Well, this blog was created basically to fulfill the wishes of our beloved colleague Gopalkrishna,  who consoled us so well in our worst days..Remember The Last Leaf by O' Henry? For us, Gopal painted that masterpiece, and he continues to paint more of these! It was designed by design to be irreverent (he, he, he) and as can basically be understood by someone who knows some contexts, precisely like some of those alluded to in Loksatta. Else it is gibberish. The writer is a compulsive teacher and assuming that the sons  follow the blog, played sort of 'Follow the Clue' , the jungle game. As no explanations are offered,the blog appears somewhat pretentious. We always  revelled in  looking at words from peculiar angles, and our style has, on occasion, received grudging recognition from experts, ha, ha, ha! The persons who know most of the contexts are our Missus, Mom, two sons and Gopal, and now amazingly, some clairvoyant from Loksatta,  The ' he, he, he' comes from our dear
सुनबाई 's SMSes, the marathish 'mince' from our maushibai, etc., etc. Occasionally we've been commenting on things like the use of first person in plural, the use of Willie after Modesty etc. etc. Silly jokes, just the sort you do with your kids.We suppose some contexts are universal and our kids have been scheming to ensure that Google Kaur knows about the blog, YF being in अज्ञातवास .

Being Marathi in Meghalaya is intoxicating.  We remember checking into Umiam Orchid, near Shillong at an unearthly hour at night a year or so back? We overheard three Senior ladies converse in Marathi..
कागं तिला रात्री काही झालं तर ? शिल्लोंग  ही दूर अणि आपण कुणाला ओळखत पण नाही ! Alarmed, we sought to comfort the ladies. Their immediate reaction was the question - काय हो मराठीत बोलला तुम्ही ? केसरी च्या ग्रुप मध्ये का तुम्ही ? नाही, म्हंटले आम्म्ही , मी लोकल आहे !
काय म्हणालात ? मराठी आणि येथे लोकल ? वाः वाः वाः वाः ! हो, म्हणालो  आम्म्ही,ते हि शक्य आहे !
The Marathiat in the blog-  Marathi just  crept in, our thinking process being Mongrel, not pure-bred.  As we said, we were born and brought up in Delhi, and during the last 45 years,
आम्ही गुढी कुठे कुठे उभारली सांगतो 1964- 1987 दिल्ली -मग वेग-वेगळ्या ठिकाणीइंदोर, रायपुर , मुंबई, हैदराबाद, पतीआला , भावनगर, गुवाहाटी, बंगलोर, शिल्लोंग इत्यादी ... मराठी सौन्स्कार  म्हणजे आमच्या आई वडलांचे, आणि पंडीत्काकांचे आणि आमचे हि, जीव का प्राणथेट उषक्काल पासून आमचे मराठी धडे सुरु झाले, किशोरावस्थेत भर पडली हंस , मोहिनी आणि बुआ ची, नाटक आणि सिनेमाची  (आवडता चित्रपट सामना, काहीसा या ब्लोग सारखाचcranky !) More about our Marathi heritage at 

But this simple
गुढी explains a lot about Indrayanikaathi, which we still maintain, is just a storm in a teacup, all sound and fury, a tale told by an idiot....The Marathi part has a lot to do with the formation of the mind that produced IK. Many ideas and endeavours cultivated by humanity stem from the contradictions of life, the yin and yang, as we always say. That's what the blog really revels in. It doesn't even strain to explain itself or be grammatically wholesome, or make ready sense, for we always assumed it was too eccentric to be read by anybody but the gang of five. Maybe our superiors- Dad and Raju up there!

मराठीतच ज्यास्त का नाही लिहिले? तर एक मनाची घडण द्वीभाशी , त्यातून देवनागरी type  करणे अवघड! But right from the outset, the Marathi just seeped in naturally, and as we were engaged in reading Tuka and literature evaluating Tukaram Maharaj, the Marathi just grew to take it's natural place. Add to that दासगणून च्या पोथी चे पारायण!.. Blasphemous  isn't it, who has the means to evaluate Tukaram.. असा सर्व भूमंडळी कोण आहे??

Do you know who is the Superintendent of Police at Mokokchung? He's a Marathi lad Vikram Mukundrao Khalate...
शंभर टक्के मराठी IPS officer from the hinterlands of Maharashtra- Bajrangwadi, Baramati-not the Great Marathi Middle Class. गोड आणि affectionate. Thanks to him, the Nagaland top bureaucrats learnt something  about Marathi culture and cuisine. He's a friend, आणि त्याने मोकोकचुंग ला गुढी उभारली, बरका...? But the Hon. Nagaland CM Rio, not to speak about Dr. Mukul Sagma, was furious when the NE exodus happened from the Deccan.

निरोप घेतो आता मराठी अस्मितेची आठवण काढून !  आम्हा  सर्वांना खूप  आठवते  मराठी अस्मिता!   Subject which always bugs bruhan-Maharashtrians. आमची हि भावना म्हणजे जणू  fourth dimension ऑफ मराठी existence !  Has to be taken note of, boss! We watch a host of Regional and National channels, but nobody whips up hysteria about regional  'heritage' the way we do! It's great, no doubt, but isn't it time we gave the lady a bit of rest? ज्यांच्या करता हि उपजीवाके चे साधन आहे, त्यांना जावू द्या ना! ते फार मोठे लोकJohnny, Johnny , pudding  and  pie, he , he , he...kissed the girls and made them cry...when Abu came out to play, little Johnny ran away... ! But it cuts little ice among the real Maharashtra, that of the humble people who  prefer personal extinction to life under anybody's debt!

Who volunteered to be posted in the most difficult terrains of the country?  Who unfurls the National Flag year on year, in the face of insurgent threats, that too with the cooperation of the Outfits?
याला म्हणतात अटके पार झेंडा रोवणे! You know what they do to women in Delhi no? WE know -the more you protest against the happenings, the more exciting the game becomes for the Delhi mind. त्याचा संबंध इथे काय...? असल्या गल्ल्यान मध्ये रोवून बघा गुढी! डोक्यात दगड घालतील वात्रट पोरं - पण कुत्सितपणा ने नव्हे, गम्मत म्हणून! It's a different society man!

तर मित्रांनो, गुढी मोकोकचुंग किंवा शिल्लोंग मध्ये उभारणे, मादाम रिओ ला साबुदाण्याची खिचडी कशी बनवतात शिकवणे, citibank ceo असून महाराजांचे प्रेम टिकवणे, Assamese लोकां मध्ये मंचावर उभे राहून 'याज साठी केला होता अट्टाहास' ची व्याख्या करणे, जैन्तिया मित्रांना पंडित भीमसेन चे व्यसन लावणे,
मिझो लोकांच्या मनात मराठी करता श्रद्धा निर्माण करणे- हि तर भारताची आणि छत्रपतींच्या वारसाची खरी मज्ज्या आहे! इंद्रायणीकाठी चा अर्थ काय, हे या ब्लॉग च्या प्रवर्तकाला ठावूक नव्हते, कारण गोपाल कृष्णा  हा तेलुगु मनुष्य आहे!

मराठी अस्मिता हि सोज्वळ, नाजूक,shy कन्या आहे,- a  fair  maiden -not  a  vamp or  a  witch - ती हडळ नव्हे! तिला शौर्याने जिंका की ! तिचं  मन ओळखा  की ! तिला तिचा  मान ध्या की !

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